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What We Do

The firm engages itself in a wide variety of activities in the legal sphere, including :

1. Conveyancing. Daniel G. McGrath Solicitors engage in the purchase and sales of property including residential housing, commercial property and agricultural property. We have vast experience in all areas of property purchase and sales. We also deal with the Mortgaging of properties and the Re-Mortgaging or changes of Mortgage from Institution to Institution.

2. Probate. The practice specialises in Probate. Daniel G. McGrath Solicitors work on various Probate files. The firm has a large Probate practice having taken over the practice of James M. Hession, Solicitor formerly of Dublin Road, Tuam who practiced as a Solicitor for 63 years up to and until his untimely death in the year 2000. We specialise in all aspects of Probate practice and administration of estates from the gathering together of assets and valuation of those assets, to the making of Wills and conclusion of estates both where a Will is present and where there is no Will in other words and intestate.

3. Family Law. Our firm engages in a wide variety of Family Law issues from District Court applications for Safety orders, Protection orders, Barring orders right up through dealing with Separations and ultimately Divorce situations. Our Solicitors have a vast experience in the entire area of Family Law.

4. Court Work. Daniel G. McGrath himself deals with all District Court matters through Road Traffic matters, Summons for Road Traffic offences, Summons for Public order and all aspects of Criminal Law are dealt with. We also deal with Circuit Court Criminal, plus High Court matters as the need arises therefore.

5. Litigation/ Accident Claims/ Motor Accidents/ Accidents at Work. We have vast experience in the area of Personal Litigation from the processing of Claims through the Personal Injuries Assessment Board and dealing with Insurance Companies right through District Court Civil matters i.e. disputes over a wide variety of issues up to Circuit Court matters dealing with land disputes, personal injures actions as a result of Road Traffic cases, injuries at work, or injuries of whatever nature and kind. We also deal with High Court Personal Injury actions and have vast experience and specialities in this area of Law.

6. Notary Public. Authenticating documents, administrating oaths, witnessing and proving signatures to documents, sending papers to foreign jurisdictions and more.